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"We rise by lifting others" ~ Robert Ingersoll

In this world of competition and divide, I believe in coming together and lifting one another. Providing positive, authentic story-telling through design and communication.

My Story

I Get It!

Before creating LIFT marketing, I worked in the corporate environment as an in-house designer and marketing manager. Your business can benefit from the 24-years of experience I received while working in the corporate world. I have been in your shoes - sat across the table from someone hoping they deliver the service they promised without budget creep. I understand that you need to answer to a budget and your project needs to bring value to your business. 

Providing Value Based Solutions

The why is more important than the what. We will dig into your project and understand the "why" behind it. Why do you need a new logo? Why do you need a mailer? What are we solving? Don't worry, it isn't as painful as it sounds. If I ask the right questions, we discover the solution together. Then, I get to work! 

Why Service-based Design?

Your design solution will be backed by market research and an investigative process to ensure your final solution accomplishes your goals. Communication strategies, viewer behavioral psychology and competitor analysis will make the difference between a collateral piece that "looks nice" and a beautiful piece that generates the successful results you are looking for (leads, sales, education, etc).

In the end, you will have a finished product that meets your needs, solves your problem and brings value to your business. This allows you to be the most effective, successful version of yourself. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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